Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in

So this week I didn't officially start counting my "points" that I ate in a day until Monday. So I was only changing the way I ate for 4 days so I was really nervous to weigh in. Even with those 4 days I had worked my butt off to follow everything completely to a "T."

So weighed in today and I lost........

6 pounds since last Thursday!!! So that makes a total of 14 pounds! Woot woot!

I learned a valuable lesson this week. On Monday, I had a date and I ended up getting a sandwich that was really high Weight Watchers points (meaning very high calorie.) It didn't fill me up and I was hungry when I got home but I had no more points left to spend because I used 22 points (yes, I know) on dinner. NEVER AGAIN! I need to learn to make healthier choices when I go out to eat! That is my goal this week-to make healthier choices when I eat out.

Also, my amazing friend Corey Bohner with InFamous Productions took these before pictures of me today. Keep in mind when I started I was 14 pounds heavier then this. But I thought it was better late then never. Enjoy. 


  1. Girl! WAY TO GO!! I think what you're doing is SO brave and inspirational! Seriously, I'm way impressed! And after going back to read all your posts today, I need to thank you for teaching me how to be a better person. You are motivational! Keep posting more, I love your posts!

  2. you are an inspiration!!! you go girl!

  3. 14 pounds!!!! That is great! Stay strong, you are doing great!

  4. I love this Candy! You are awesome! I have been following all your posts and have been inspired by your honesty, vulnerability, and bravery. I have always thought you were delightful, but this is further proof. I hope you know that while you're on this journey, I'm rooting for you the whole way! YAY!

  5. Nice job!! That's amazing! Keep it up! I'm so proud of you!

  6. Way to go Candy! Really you are an inspiration to more than you know. I think it takes some serious guts and character to put your true feelings and challenges out there for people to see and know about. We are all so good at giving the illusion that we are the perfect size, perfect friend, mother, sister, homemaker, student etc but I think its really something to be proud of when you can put your "weaknesses" out there and let people know that you are human and working on becoming better. You can do it, you are worth it. Keep it up.

  7. Also- I found a book called "400 calorie fix" that I really liked. It helps with training your eye and your mind to look at food and realize the calories they are worth. It gives all sorts of situations like the ball park, a carnival, the movies and also lists several restaurant entrees and what they are worth. It really helped me with eating out and realizing that even though something sounds healthy like a turkey bacon avocado wrap, it can rack up the calories. Anyway, just thought I'd pass that reference along in case you are interested. :)