Friday, May 4, 2012

My first salad

So anybody who knows me will know that I HATE salads. Well, last night I had a salad made by my friend, Corey and... I LIKED IT!

This picture was of Corey's salad. Mine was much smaller than this but his looked prettier to take a picture of.


  1. Looks Yummy! Just be sure to watch how many croutons and how much dressing you put on it. They are high in carbs and calories. Good Job for eating a salad, though! They are good when made right. And keep up the good work! You make the rest of us curvy girls look bad :)

  2. yes, 2nd that. Salads can be extremely fattening. Did you know that Chick-fi-A's most fattening thing on their menu is their fried chix salad with ranch? True story. You are way better off eating a chick-fil-a FRIED chix sandwich than their salad. It's only 6 pts w/o butter (old WW points...I don't know how you guys do them now).